Bare bones drum charts

Drum charts customised to your level for you request

What are “Bare Bones Drum Charts”?

Drum charts that cut through the fluff, focusing on the bare essentials of a song’s drum part, so you can play along to your favourite tracks sooner and discover what really makes a drum part work.

Depending on your level and what you are trying achieve, fully notated transcriptions can be overwhelming, and the in-depth detail can actually bury what really makes the song work, the song’s “bare bones”.  When you focus on a songs “bare bones” you begin to see it as a professional session drummer often would. Session drummers often have the key grooves, structure, stops, accents and dynamics in mind, then they tie it all together with their own flair, ideas and intricacies.

Bare Bones Drum Charts can give you the eye opening experience and satisfaction of playing entire songs much sooner. They will also help you understand how to find the “bare bones” yourself. This will help you become a more versatile and flexible drummer. You will improve your improvising and jamming skills. You will learn to memorise songs much faster, and make real progress toward thinking about drum parts and songs as a professional drummer does.

Bare Bones Drum Charts are:  

 Created specifically for you and your level

Created for songs YOU request

Easy to read and memorise

A more efficient and enjoyable way to learn songs

A step towards thinking about songs from the perspective of a professional session musician

Audio and video Recording facilities

High quality recording facilities for auditions, video exams and experience
Details and examples to come soon


Preparation for AMEB / RSL / ROCKSCHOOL / ANZCA

Jacob is experienced in preparing students for several accredited music exams.

Examinations can take students from their first beginnings through to advanced and diploma levels. AMEB syllabuses can add to and enrich school and tertiary music tuition. The advanced grades and diplomas can support the establishment of professional careers in teaching and performing.