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Please read the terms of service below. Tick "I accept terms of service" if you agree and are happy to participate. Thanks very much.

Terms Of Service


  • 30 Minute Weekly $40
  • 60 Minute Weekly $75
  • 30 Minute F/N or Casual $45
  • 60 Minute F/N or Casual $80

All lesson fees are to be paid via Bank Transfer:  An Invoice will be sent at a frequency decided by the tutor (typically after 1,3 or 5 lessons have been completed). The invoice will contain all bank and reference details. PLEASE use invoice number as reference.


General Schedule:

Lessons Follow the QLD Public School Term Schedule (4 x 10 week terms per year)

Students are required to attend 10 lessons per school term

Lessons do not take place on any QLD Public Holidays. Students are not charged for lessons cancelled due to QLD public holidays

It is always assumed students are continuing lessons indefinitely until the tutor is informed otherwise

If students wish to cease lessons, the tutor must be given a full week’s notice. Once notice is given, an invoice for lessons taught but not paid for will be emailed. This invoice must be paid within 48 hours.

Student Lesson Cancelation:

If a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson for any reason, they will be required to participate in the “Bare Bones Drum Charts” service, where students will be provided a personalised drum chart,  created and customised for their specific skill level, for a song of their choice.  The cost will be the standard 30 minute lesson fee of $40, regardless of whether they were scheduled for a 30 minute or a 60 minute lesson.  This part of the cancellation agreement is designed to:

  • Keep students engaged and motivated during periods away from lessons
  • Avoid the situation where a cancelation fee is charged, witth the student receiving no benefit or value whatsoever
  • Motivate the student to seek out new music, expanding their range of musical influence and inspiration
  • Provide the tutor with the opportunity to deliver lesson content to the student which is directly inspired by the music the student enjoys
  • Provide the tutor more opportunities to provide custom content to students which they can manage on their own, at home, allowing them to experience the satisfaction of using knowledge and skills they have developed
  • Remove the need for the tutor to pass judgement on what is, and what is not, an acceptable reason to cancel a lesson based on a students individual circumstances

NOTE: There is a form on the website to submit song choices. If a student refuses to submit song choices, the missed lesson must still be paid for.


If the Tutor is unable to attend a scheduled lesson one of the following will occur:

  • A suitable, trusted and capable substitute teacher will be arranged.  In this case you will always be informed in advance. Substitute teachers will be reqyured to hold a current “Blue Card”
  • If you prefer not to attend a lesson with a substitute teacher, you can opt for “The Song In A Lesson” service instead.
  • Lessons may be cancelled if a suitable substitute teacher can not be arranged. In this scenario the “Song In A Lesson” service, is optional.